Pirate Booky


I’ve been making tiny books again! These little pirates were party favours for guests at a swash buckling birthday party.

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The drawings I have been making lately are inspired by the motion of the wind, more specifically the way it takes scarves, my hair, leaves, etc. and whips them around my face. Hats and hoods obstruct my peripheral vision. Although it is colder here, this is a very walkable city and I find myself spending more hours outside. The things I saw when visiting as a tourist were only part of the picture. I am enjoying exploring and have been having fun playing with different ways of art making. The above were made with the dregs of my morning coffee and colored pencil.

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A swirl of activity


More experiments with mark making and motion.


The recent polar vortex resulted in some burst pipes around here. Phase two of the renovation has begun a bit sooner than planned due to water damage. My first winter in Canada has been a doozy!


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Blue lips

The cold weather makes me want to stay inside, play with art supplies and drink tea.


Sometimes tea = art supplies.


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Home is Where the Art Is


I’ve been drawing a lot of faces lately, usually encircled in swirls. If you happen to be in Kingston this evening, stop by Modern Fuel for the opening of Home is Where the Art Is, Annual Members’ Show & Sale.  When I saw the title of the show, I immediately wanted to submit some of my recent drawings. I’m so glad I did!  The above and a couple of my other drawings are in the show.  I stopped by the gallery yesterday and saw so much amazing, inspiring work! The show runs from Dec 6 to Dec 21.

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O Canada!


Our move has made life extra busy this year! There have been so many new things to get excited about. I have met so many wonderful people! I have, however, neglected my blog. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken a break from posting to most social media. Sure, I still check facebook, wish people Happy Birthday and “like” pictures of cats, but for the most part, I have resisted posting all the day to day details of our move and the renovation of our new-old house.  The above photo will give an idea of how deep into it we got. Today I am happy to report that phase one of the renovation is done! Much appreciation for our fabulous contractor and crew. We are now in the home-stretch of unpacking. My studio is almost set up. I’ve resumed my daily art making practice and that feels great! I’ll have more news on that front very soon…

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